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Doctor Who Adventures 48

Posted by doctor_no1 on 2008.01.23 at 10:43

TARDIS Scanner Calendar

This weeks cover

Pupils' chance to win Tardis

Posted by doctor_no1 on 2008.01.22 at 23:23

Manchester Evening News
DOCTOR Who's Tardis has travelled millions of miles through the universe but it will land next at a primary school in Greater Manchester.

The police box has been the centrepiece of the Doctor Who Up-Close exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry.

Now primary schools have a chance to win the time-travel machine in a competition launched by the Castlefield museum.

Museum boss Tony Hill said: "The Doctor Who Up-Close was phenomenally popular with children and the Tardis was one of our most photographed objects. We thought it would be a great idea if one primary school class could have the opportunity to bring the Tardis to their own school grounds."

Youngsters must submit a classroom project on a significant historic figure from Manchester's past complete with children's drawings and interpretive text.

The closing date for the MOSI Time Traveller competition is February 15 and entries should be sent on A1 paper or smaller to Sarah Roe, Museum of Science and Industry, Liverpool Road, Castlefield, Manchester M3 4FP.


Posted by doctor_no1 on 2008.01.21 at 11:11
Daily Star
John Barrowman has let slip that he will make a surprise return this year to help save Doctor Who from death.

His character, Captain Jack Harkness, is to be brought back for an amazing end-of-series climax.

The Doctor (David Tennant, 36) will be seriously hurt in an explosion and he will have to rely on Jack and Sarah Jane Smith, (Elizabeth Sladen, 58) to come to his rescue.

In a sensational master stroke, show writer Russell T Davies, 44, has decided to reunite some of the doc’s old assistants for the climax of series four.

And they will include Torchwood’s Captain Jack, played by John, 40.

The plot was supposed to have been a big secret, but your Daily Star discovered details last year.

Now John has admitted: “Let’s just say there is always the possibility that when the Doctor needs help to fight off someone or something, he calls on Jack.

“He is the muscle and guns man. I can’t say too much – wait and see.”

Elizabeth – who was the Tardis companion for Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker, 73, in the 70s and made a guest appearance with David Tennant two years ago – is also back.

She let slip: “I’ve just heard I’m coming back. I’m so excited.”

They will also be helped by Rose Tyler, played by sexy Billie Piper, 25.

Firefox News
Young British fans of Doctor Who get more to enjoy this year. The first new episode of Torchwood (the original, adult version) has aired, and unofficial returns say the ratings were very high. The pre-watershed, edited, child-friendly version should be airing shortly, opening up a whole new viewing market to the show that was originally called "Doctor Who for adults."

For children who want a more active experience with the Doctor, this week marks the first weekly Doctor Who Adventures Magazine.
Doctor Who Adventures, a new issue now to be on sale every Thursday instead of every other Thursday, is part of the BBC Youth and Children's Magazines department and includes posters, games, comics, crafts, and more.

And finally, a new Doctor Who Exhibition is set to open in London on Easter weekend, joining those in Cardiff Bay and Land's End. The London Exhibition will be in the Museum Halls beneath Earls Court (using the Brompton Road entrance). Tickets go on sale February 18, 2008, and the Exhibition has promised to include both classic props and costumes plus items from the most recent Christmas special and from the upcoming season "following transmission on BBC One."

Downloading Doctor Who

Posted by doctor_no1 on 2008.01.18 at 17:03
Crows Nest
On February 1st 2008, Big Finish - the audio drama producer for the likes of Doctor Who, Sapphire and Steel, Judge Dredd - are launching a new, online download service from which customers can purchase and download science fiction and fantasy audio dramas as MP3 files. 
"Listening habits have changed dramatically over the last ten years," BF director Jason Haigh-Ellery told SFcrowsnest. "More and more people are choosing to buy their music and audio online and listen to it either on their computer or on mp3 players like the iPod. We are delighted to be able to make Big Finish’s productions available in this new way."

Big Finish has customers outside of the UK but unfortunately, in recent times, exchange rates have pushed the price beyond the reach of some listeners.

"We have always done our best to keep the prices as low as possible for foreign customers,’ continues Haigh-Ellery. "Unfortunately though, the poor exchange rate with America, Australia and other countries has made this difficult. Now though, by offering downloadable versions of our plays, we can dramatically reduce the price as there is no extra expenditure on postage, packing and materials. We’re sure that this will be good news for our foreign customers."

Customers will be able to sample individual episodes of selected releases for 99p. The remainder of the production can then be downloaded by simply paying the balance. Although not available at launch, a subscription service will be introduced where customers can purchase several plays in advance of their release at a discounted rate.

But new Big Finish plays will continue to be released on CD simultaneously with the download version.

More over at www.bigfinish.com

Digital Spy
James Marsters has revealed that his girlfriend was thrilled when he had to kiss John Barrowman during an episode of Torchwood.

The actor, who played Spike in Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel, said his partner had a long-running fantasy that he would kiss another man.

Marsters guest stars as bisexual Captain John in the second series of the Doctor Who spin-off, and filmed the smooch with his co-star over the summer.

He said: "I had never kissed a man on film before, but luckily my girlfriend was there, and she said it was always a fantasy of hers that I would kiss another man. She thought it was really hot."

Barrowman, who is openly homosexual, recently described gay stars who refuse to come out of the closet as "sad".

Up-Close In London

Posted by doctor_no1 on 2008.01.18 at 14:25

BBC - Doctor Who - News
New exhibition heading for Earls Court.

A new Doctor Who Exhibition is set to materialise at Earls Court, London from Easter 2008.

The exhibition, situated in the Museum Halls beneath the venue, will be the largest ever Doctor Who display in the UK.

Visitors will be able to get up close to props, costumes, monsters and creatures from all the latest episodes of the show, including Voyage Of The Damned.

Costumes and props from Series Four will be added once they've been seen on TV.

Tickets for the Exhibition will go on sale from Monday February 18, 2008, and further details will be made available here and on the Doctor Who Exhibitions website nearer the time.

Torchwood Ep 4/13 Meat

Posted by doctor_no1 on 2008.01.18 at 13:37

BBC - Press Office

Wednesday 6 February 9.00-9.50pm BBC TWO
Gwen's fiancé, Rhys, discovers the truth about Torchwood and becomes part of the team as they investigate a mysterious alien-meat supply, in this week's instalment of the award-winning drama created by Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies.

With Rhys in increasing danger, Gwen is under pressure as never before. Will Rhys go too far? Will Captain Jack ask too much of him? And can Torchwood save the alien from being used as cheap meat?

THE frilly waitress’s dress worn by Kylie Minogue in the Christmas Day episode of Doctor Who has gone on show in Wales.

More than 12 million viewers saw Kylie wearing the dress as she played a waitress on the Titanic during the special episode.

It is now part of the Doctor Who exhibition at the Red Dragon Centre in Cardiff Bay, which will soon be flagged up with the official brown tourism signs depicting a Dalek. The display also features a gold “host” angel costume from the festive special.

The “Doctor Who Up Close” exhibition showcases Doctor Who props, costumes and monsters.

“The exhibition already attracts more than 80,000 Doctor Who fans a month from around the UK and as far as America and Australia, who want to visit Cardiff Bay where the series is filmed,” said Martin Wilkie from Experience Design, which runs the exhibition.

Torchwood ratings

Posted by doctor_no1 on 2008.01.17 at 18:13

"Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang", the first episode of Torchwood to premier on BBC2, was watched by 3.7 million viewers, according to overnight figures, with a 14.8% audience share, and coming fourth in its timeslot. That’s a very respectable figure for BBC and should comfortably see the show in the channel‘s top 10 for the week.

For comparison, the Top 5 final figures for BBC2 for the week ending 6 Jan was as follows:

3 THE NATURAL WORLD (FRI) 3.33 million
4 THE WEAKEST LINK (FRI) 3.20 million
5 THE BEST OF TOP GEAR (SUN) 3.09 million

So far this week on BBC2 only Louis Theroux Behind Bars, has scored higher, with 5.5 million on Sunday. Overnight figures are usually lower than final figures, so "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" should end up with a few hundred thousand more (but that's no certainty) hopefully taking it over the 4 million mark. The opening episode of season one, "Everything Changes" pulled in 2.52 million viewers on BBC3 last year, while the BBC2 repeat showing scored 3.03 million (though that figure is an average of the first and second episodes shown in a double bill).

Also to note is that it was fourth in its timeslot: the footie on BBC1, Honest on ITV1 and Grand Designs on Channel 4 all beat it, but none by a huge margin. Honest actually took a big tumble in viewers from the previous week.

So, a good, solid, impressive result, but not a mindblowing figure after all those trailers, though you have to factor in there are multiple repeats for people to choose from and there was a major football match on the other side (yay, Man City!). The real test will be to see if the show retains viewers next week.

SFX readers have also given the new, revitalised a thumbs up. In an SFX Forum poll about the new episode over three quarters of voters rated the episode either good or excellent. If that's anything to go by it should keep its audience.

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