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The Whoniverse Offers More for British Children

Posted by doctor_no1 on 2008.01.18 at 17:48
Firefox News
Young British fans of Doctor Who get more to enjoy this year. The first new episode of Torchwood (the original, adult version) has aired, and unofficial returns say the ratings were very high. The pre-watershed, edited, child-friendly version should be airing shortly, opening up a whole new viewing market to the show that was originally called "Doctor Who for adults."

For children who want a more active experience with the Doctor, this week marks the first weekly Doctor Who Adventures Magazine.
Doctor Who Adventures, a new issue now to be on sale every Thursday instead of every other Thursday, is part of the BBC Youth and Children's Magazines department and includes posters, games, comics, crafts, and more.

And finally, a new Doctor Who Exhibition is set to open in London on Easter weekend, joining those in Cardiff Bay and Land's End. The London Exhibition will be in the Museum Halls beneath Earls Court (using the Brompton Road entrance). Tickets go on sale February 18, 2008, and the Exhibition has promised to include both classic props and costumes plus items from the most recent Christmas special and from the upcoming season "following transmission on BBC One."

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