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Posted by doctor_no1 on 2008.01.21 at 11:11
Daily Star
John Barrowman has let slip that he will make a surprise return this year to help save Doctor Who from death.

His character, Captain Jack Harkness, is to be brought back for an amazing end-of-series climax.

The Doctor (David Tennant, 36) will be seriously hurt in an explosion and he will have to rely on Jack and Sarah Jane Smith, (Elizabeth Sladen, 58) to come to his rescue.

In a sensational master stroke, show writer Russell T Davies, 44, has decided to reunite some of the doc’s old assistants for the climax of series four.

And they will include Torchwood’s Captain Jack, played by John, 40.

The plot was supposed to have been a big secret, but your Daily Star discovered details last year.

Now John has admitted: “Let’s just say there is always the possibility that when the Doctor needs help to fight off someone or something, he calls on Jack.

“He is the muscle and guns man. I can’t say too much – wait and see.”

Elizabeth – who was the Tardis companion for Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker, 73, in the 70s and made a guest appearance with David Tennant two years ago – is also back.

She let slip: “I’ve just heard I’m coming back. I’m so excited.”

They will also be helped by Rose Tyler, played by sexy Billie Piper, 25.

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